Academy of Hermetic Arts and The Brotherhood of Light Lessons

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The Academy of Hermetic Arts was established by members of The Church of Light to be the academic home of the Online Curriculum for The Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C. C. Zain.

The Academy is dedicated to sharing the Wisdom of the Scientific and Initiatic tradition of The Brotherhood of Light in an online, interactive curriculum. We stand on the shoulders of our ancient brothers and sisters who dedicated themselves to shedding light on the possibilities of conquering death and accomplishing resurrection in the afterlife, with rebirth into a new body on a different plane of existence. We continue that tradition by:

  • Sharing the basic tenets of The Religion of the Stars.
  • Teaching the importance of recognizing that each of us has a map of who we are and why we are here in the form of a birth chart.
  • Emphasizing the importance of Nature as the final arbiter of truth.

The Course of Study:

There are two tracks of study in the Academy, one for those who are not members of the Church of Light and another, with more benefits, for those who are members of the Church of Light.

There are 21 courses of the Brotherhood of Light Lessons. Scientific Degrees are obtained by passing a final examination for each course. There are a total of 21 exams, one for each course; most are 25 questions. The information in each course is quite dense; some students have recommended a two month period of study. The minimum suggested rate of study is one per moon cycle, and no more than one exam per moon cycle is allowed.

Hermetician is the title bestowed upon a person who has passed the examinations of all 21 courses. Hermeticians receive a Hermetician Certificate as a reward for their effort and persistence.

The Outline of Initiation, Part 2 is privately given to Hermeticians upon completion of the 21 Scientific Degrees. This Outline unfolds the remaining 29 degrees awaiting the candidate on their ascent back to their spiritual home. This graduate level path of the program is a life long journey of study and practical application of the information contained in the Scientific Degrees and the privately awarded manuscripts.

The Study Halls of The Academy of Hermetic Arts