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Hermetic Tradition asserts that we live in two worlds simultaneously and that each Soul is working out it’s destiny through the Cycle of Necessity.


To promote Universal Welfare and the exaltation of humankind through the teaching and practices of the Religion of the Stars as outlined in the writings of C.C. Zain.

  • A loving, infinitely good, Cosmic Intelligence, of which we are all a part, guides us through undeviating natural law.
  • A Divine Plan manifests through progressive evolution in which each soul has a unique and important role.
  • A soul is completely moral when to the maximum extent of its abilities it adheres to the universal moral code: Contribute Your Utmost to Universal Welfare.
  • The realization of the soul’s Mission and the attainment of Self-Conscious Immortality is the goal toward which each soul moves.
  • Love is the way to life. Unselfish Love alone makes immortality possible.
  • Through the proper exercise of one’s mentality using Directed Thinking and Induced Emotion, it is possible to control one’s own life and destiny, both here and hereafter.
  • Astrology is the Golden Key that unlocks the door to understanding the Soul’s true character and potential.
  • The safe development of extrasensory perception (Extension of Consciousness) is the best tool for realizing each individual’s mission in the Divine Plan and for verifying the survival of the soul after death of the physical body.
    Religion is the sister of Science, and it evolves by incorporating new information as it is discovered and verified.

We are a powerful force for good and for spiritual enlightenment and expand the reach and experience of our members because:

  • We provide reliable and verifiable information regarding the nature of the soul and its relationship to Deity and other life forms;
  • We seek out reliable and verifiable information regarding life on higher planes of existence, especially in regard to the transition we call death and the nature of the next life;
  • We develop increasingly advanced tools and training in astrology, extrasensory perception, directed thinking and induced emotion toward the end of maximizing each person’s happiness, usefulness and spirituality;
  • We promote the importance of the four essential freedoms: Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion;
  • We build a sense of community and spiritual purpose which uplifts and inspires our members to Contribute Their Utmost To Universal Welfare.

Do and Think unto others as you would have them Do and Think unto you.

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