Academy of Hermetic Arts and The Brotherhood of Light Lessons

The Academy of Hermetic Arts is dedicated to sharing the Wisdom of the Mystery School Initiatic tradition of The Brotherhood of Light in an online, interactive curriculum. We stand on the shoulders of our ancient brothers and sisters who dedicated themselves to shedding light on the possibilities of conquering death and accomplishing resurrection in the afterlife, with rebirth into a new body on a different plane of existence. We continue that tradition by:

  • Sharing the basic tenets of The Religion of the Stars.
  • Teaching the importance of recognizing that each of us has a map of who we are and why we are here in the form of a birth chart.
  • Emphasizing the importance of Nature as the final arbiter of truth.

Several groups within The Church of Light have come together to support this work through the creation of the Academy of Hermetic Arts. Here, you will be introduced to who they are along with a description of how they cooperate to reimagine the Mystery School format into this Online, Interactive Curriculum.

Academy of Hermetic Arts
The Brotherhood of Light Emblem

The Academy of Hermetic Arts was established by members of The Church of Light to be the academic home of the Online Curriculum for The Brotherhood of Light Lessons by C. C. Zain.

The Brotherhood of Light, The Church of Light, and
The Religion of the Stars
The Brotherhood of Light Emblem

The emblem above is the official Trademark of The Brotherhood of Light Lessons and is owned by The Church of Light. This emblem indicates the material you are reading is authentic and written by C. C. Zain. Only The Church of Light may legally use this Trademark.

The Church of Light was established in 1932 by Elbert Benjamine who wrote The Brotherhood of Light Lessons under the penname C. C. Zain. Prior to becoming The Church of Light, the membership organization was known as The Brotherhood of Light. Although membership was secret, classes on astrology and other related subjects were conducted for the public. These classes came under the scrutiny of the City of Los Angeles who moved to ban such instruction, declaring it illegal, citing civil code prohibiting “fortune telling.”  Recognizing the threat, in 1932 Benjamine incorporated as a religious nonprofit corporation. By so doing the organization was provided the protections afforded under the constitution: to practice the Stellarian Religion, based upon the traditions of The Brotherhood of Light. These protections stand today and the organization freely teaches, practices, and disseminates the Stellarian Religion outlined in the 210 Brotherhood of Light Lessons (21 Courses).

The Religion of the Stars is the term used by C. C. Zain to describe the religious tradition taught in The Brotherhood of Light Lessons. Below is an excerpt from  A précis of The Brotherhood of Light’s 21 reference texts on the occult sciences by Dennis Sutton that describes why the teachings are called the Religion of the Stars.

“From 1919 to 1929, in a busy work schedule, Elbert Benjamine spent some of his time decoding the spiritual texts of astrology that the first astrologers traced as the constellations in the sky. And in 1929 he wrote in the Brotherhood of Light Annual: ‘It gives me great pleasure to present what I believe to be an accurate rendering of the spiritual teachings associated by the ancients with each of the 48 constellations.’

“These 48 spiritual texts are written in the language of universal symbolism and clarified by myths, legends and traditions. And because they are written in the stars their spiritual-ethical teachings comprise the doctrines and tenets of The Religion of the Stars.

“Elbert claimed that The Brotherhood of Light lessons constitute the present Bible of this religion with the ancient teachings interpreted with the aid of modern science and technology; and that its tenets are all based upon observed facts or upon reasonable conclusions drawn from them.

“The Religion of the Stars teaches its members to observe the positions of the planets in their birth charts because practical experience shows that they map their natural aptitudes, temperament and trend of fortune in each of the twelve departments of their lives. And subsequent to their birth they influence what they think and do and the events that define their life story.

“So The Religion of the Stars embraces the facts of astrology and those who hold and believe in this religion are called Stellarians. They believe that God speaks to them through the positions of the planets in their birth charts and that the constellated teachings have a practical application in natal astrology.

“The religion teaches that you maximize your mental, emotional and spiritual development when you contribute your utmost to the welfare of others.”
The Brotherhood of Light Emblem

For Neophytes, is the nexus point where membership is established, student activity is processed and student records are maintained. is home to many valuable resources for members and students. Please take time to check it out.

Neophytes are students of the AHA who are also members of The Church of Light. They will participate fully in the Initiatic tradition of attaining degrees and grades of membership along with earning their Not Sold Award Manuscripts for passing courses.

Aspirants are students of the AHA who have chosen not to participate in the Initiatic tradition of The Church of Light.

Anyone is welcome to visit and register on the website.