We Make No Claim To Infallibility

Every science and every religion of the past which has claimed infallibility has lived to see such claim disproved. In the very nature of things, as I trust I have clearly shown, any claim to infallibility is absurd; because knowledge of the universe is endless and the evolution of intelligence is toward the acquisition of more and more knowledge.

Nor are we attempting to get our ideas accepted on faith. On the contrary, we indicate to the student just how to go about it to develop his own intelligence and his own psychic faculties, and earnestly advise him to disprove or verify every statement we make by experiments of his own.

Most religions teach that there is a life after death. But they discourage any attempt to prove such an existence. We, THE CHURCH OF LIGHT, however, believe that painstaking research should be carried out on every possible plane, and in all departments of nature, including those physical and those spiritual, to the end that man may not merely believe, but may know, the conditions under which he is required to live in each distinct realm, that he may utilize the laws and principles so discovered to be successful, in the larger sense, wherever he may function.

Physical life is but a fragment of that total life which is man’s inheritance. The more knowledge we have of the laws of the physical plane, including occult laws, the surer our chances of physical success. Physical success is not to be ignored.

But we must also, if we are to have a basis for success in our life in its vaster scope, acquire a knowledge of the laws governing other planes. The more comprehensive our knowledge, the better we are fitted to adjust ourselves to the demands of this wider life. It is this knowledge that THE RELIGION OF THE STARS attempts to furnish.

These lessons make no claim to infallibility. They do, however, present the present views of those on various planes, including the physical, who anciently or in modern times, have been specially qualified for, and have carried out, research on every available plane. They are offered to students, therefore, not as the final word after which nothing more can be said; but drawing from high intelligences on various planes, as the best information available at the present moment of evolution.