Alice Faye

May 5, 1912 Midnight EST 40N43; 74W00
Data: given by Sid Skolsky in “The Hollywood Citizen”

1931, was “discovered” by Rudy Vallee, who gave her big chance singing in his famous band: Sun trine Uranus r.

1934, began working in the movies: Sun semi-square Neptune r (movies), Mercury conjunction Sun r.

1935, first big movie success: Venus semi-sextile Pluto r in fifth (entertainment), Mercury sextile Mars r.

1937, September 4, married band leader Tony Martin: Sun opposition Jupiter p.

1939, career conflicts between herself and husband resulted in divorce: Mars, co-ruler of career (tenth), opposition Uranus r.

For years continued a success in the movies, married again and had several children.

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