Pictured among the constellations by the Ram, is the first sign of the zodiac. It belongs to the element fire; hence we expect it to be energetic, courageous, and daring. It is a movable sign, comparable to burning gas, therefore not to be confined, or dictated to by another. Belonging to the first degree of emanation, it is little influenced by precedent or environment. It is a masculine sign, and assertive. In human anatomy it rules the head. As the first sign of the zodiac it represents birth, as ruling the brain it signifies perception. Aries people express a fiery will, a militant power, executive ability, imperious leadership, and the dauntless pioneer spirit. They are ambitious, enterprising, forceful, combative, self-willed, keen, independent, active, and desirous of being in command. Impulsive and fiery, yet even in apparent rashness they are guided by intellect. All the world seems new to Aries people. Their dominant idea is I AM.

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