About The Author

About the Author

C. C. Zain is the pen name used by Elbert Benjamine, the noted astrologer, naturalist and occultist, for those writings done under the aegis of The Brotherhood of Light during the years 1914-1951. This body of knowledge has become known as The Brotherhood of Light Lessons.

Elbert Benjamine was one of the most prolific astrological writers of the 20th century. In addition to the twenty-three volumes of the Brotherhood of Light series published under the penname C. C. Zain, Benjamine also wrote more than fifty books and hundreds of magazine articles. A scholar who mastered every physical science of his time, Benjamine brought the same vigor to his exploration of the metaphysical sciences. Like the writing of Bailey, Blavatsky, Steiner, and Heindl, the work of C. C. Zain (Elbert Benjamine) has impacted the lives of thousands of students of Western Occultism.

Elbert Benjamine was born Benjamin P. Williams in the small town of Adel, Iowa, December 12, 1882. He was a natural psychic and seer. As a youth his heightened awareness brought him into contact with those who had passed from this plane to the next. In the autumn of 1898, he began his esoteric studies. By 1900 he had contacted The Brotherhood of Light and began serious study of astrology. His father was a doctor and deacon in the Disciples of Christ church in Iowa, where the community strongly disapproved of any interest in astrology and the occult. For this reason, upon moving to Los Angeles, he changed his name to Elbert Benjamine in order to protect his family. In the spring of 1910 he gave his promise to write the Twenty-One Brotherhood of Light Courses covering astrology, alchemy and magic, under the penname of C. C. Zain. From that time until his death in 1951, he devoted his life’s energy and personal resources to writing the lessons, and to establishing The Church of Light as a vehicle for disseminating The Brotherhood of Light teachings.

The Twenty-One Brotherhood of Light Courses

Course 1, Laws of Occultism

Course 2, Astrological Signatures

Course 3, Spiritual Alchemy

Course 4, Ancient Masonry

Course 5, Esoteric Psychology

Course 6, The Sacred Tarot

Course 7, Spiritual Astrology

Course 8, Horary Astrology

Course 9, Mental Alchemy

Course 10-1, Natal Astrology: Delineating the Horoscope

Course 10-2, Natal Astrology: Progressing the Horoscope

Course 11, Divination and Character Reading

Course 12-1, Natural Alchemy: Evolution of Life

Course 12-2, Natural Alchemy: Evolution of Religion

Course 13, Mundane Astrology

Course 14, Occultism Applied to Daily Living

Course 15, Weather Predicting

Course 16, Stellar Healing

Course 17, Cosmic Alchemy

Course 18, Imponderable Forces

Course 19, Organic Alchemy

Course 20, The Next Life

Course 21, Personal Alchemy

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