About The Brotherhood of Light Emblem

This graphic is the emblem of The Brotherhood of Light

Although its two interlaced trines are commonly associated with the Star of David, in fact, they precede the time of Moses, who was trained in the Egyptian mystery schools.

The interlaced trines didn’t appear as a Jewish symbol until after their Babylonian (Chaldean) captivity. Tradition holds that this image was handed down to the Babylonians from more ancient times. The ensemble of interlaced trines, with the name of Deity in the center and astrological symbols around the outside, was the ancient emblem of The Religion of the Stars.

The two interlaced trines, used by initiates, signified, among other things, the involution and evolution of the soul through the Cycle of Necessity. Tradition teaches that the androgynous Ego, or Spark of Deity at the core of each soul, existed in an unconscious and blissful state of Edenic purity but was tempted to undergo involution into material form for the sake of acquiring consciousness through knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil. Descending into material realms the deific ego split into twin souls, male and female. The down-pointing trine, often dark in color, indicates the descent of the soul into material conditions for the purpose of gaining necessary experience. The up-pointing trine, often light in color, indicates the ascent, or evolution of the soul, back to the realm of spirit after gaining necessary experience in material conditions. After attaining self conscious awareness in the human form, the twin souls reunite in the spiritual realm. In doing so, they partake of the Tree of Life and complete their return to the celestial plane.

The essence of this cycle is found in most of the world’s religious creation stories. For example, in ancient Egypt, Osiris is portrayed as murdered and dismembered. The fourteen dismembered parts (each soul possessing a septenary constitution) were sent floating down the Nile (the current of involutionary life) finally to be cast upon the muddy banks of the Delta (the material world). But faithful Isis (Nature) gathers together these fragments, and breathing upon them the breath of life, they are reunited and Osiris is born anew, never again to die. These allegories symbolically depict the drama of the soul’s descent from the celestial state, the separation of twin souls in the highest realm of the spiritual world, who after a time, Nature again brings them together and after breathing upon them the breath of love, unites them, and with their united strength they make the return journey as conscious beings to become immortal.

The conjoined sun and moon at the top of the symbol indicates that spirituality and still further evolutionary progress in spiritual realms is best accomplished through the marriage of a male and a female soul.

The seven stars and the astrological symbols around the outside of the interlaced trines indicate the belief that astrological energies powerfully influence all life.

Inside the interlaced trines the name of Deity, Jod-He-Vau-He, is written in the Hebrew characters derived from the earlier square formed Chaldean letters. Thus written, it signifies the belief that there is a Super-Intelligence who interpenetrates and exercises a guiding power over the whole universe.

The four astrological signs

One Principle (Will-Leo)

One Law (Sex- Scorpio)

One Agent (Form-Taurus)

One Truth (Reality-Aquarius)

symbolize the four universal principles or pillars of the Cosmos through which this Super-Intelligence, instead of being moved by whim or prejudice, always operates.

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