Birth Chart 1

Stephen Foster

July 4, 1826, 0:30 p.m. 80W. 40:27N.
Data recorded in his family Bible.

1846, some songs first popular: Venus sextile Moon r, Mercury semisquare Sun r.

1848, first successful songs published: Venus sextile Mars r.

1849, Nelly was a Lady: Mercury sextile Saturn p, Sun trine Pluto r.

1851, Successful partnership with Christy; The Old Folks at Home: Sun sextile Moon r, Venus sextile Sun r, Mars sesquisquare Saturn p.

1852, Massa’s in de Cold, Cold Ground: Venus trine Neptune r.

1853, My Old Kentucky Home: Mercury sextile Moon r.

1860, Old Black Joe: Venus trine Uranus r.