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The Doors Are Opening Soon

In The Online Mystery School Format

Course of Study Description

For the first time in history, the outer school of The Brotherhood of Light is reopening its door as the Academy of Hermetic Arts (AHA) in an online mystery school format. The course material is taken directly from the Brotherhood of Light Courses on the hermetic arts by C. C Zain.

You are invited to engage in this authentic process of unfoldment following the courses in their original sequence. This online curriculum is sponsored by The Church of Light. You can find more information about The Church of Light at www.light.org.

The initial course, CS00 Introduction to Brotherhood of Light Studies, is free and is an excellent way to get started and discover from from whence this material originates. This free course is available on the “Study” page of this site. Just click Study on the main menu. Come back to this page (“Join” on the main menu) to get further instructions on how to begin your studies.

There are twenty-one courses in the curriculum. (Two of the courses are divided into two parts.) Each course contains topic quizzes to help you better understand the material, and a final exam. You may freely browse the content outline of each of the twenty-one courses. Just select the “Study” page link from the main menu, select a course and expand the course content outline.

There are two paths of study. One requires membership in our sponsoring organization, The Church of Light, the other does not. The Church of Light is a membership organization dedicated to disseminating the tenets of the Religion of the Stars and the occult sciences. While membership in the organization is not required to enroll in our online course of study, there are additional benefits to be derived from membership. The benefits of each path are described below.

The student member is referred to as a Neophyte. The non-member student is referred to as an Aspirant. While both these terms have an inner meaning, they are primarily used as a means of clarification. It is highly recommended that the Neophyte take the first three courses in order because they offer a good foundation for the rest of the material. This is also recommended for the Aspirant but is not a requirement. In general, however, the courses can be taken in any order.

There are three purchasing options: (1) you may purchase the courses one at a time at your convenience, (2) purchase them all at once at a significant discount, or (3) (recommended for Aspirants) purchase a single branch of courses, at a somewhat lesser discount, from the Astrology branch, the Alchemy branch, and/or the Tarot, Masonry and Esoteric Arts branch.

Aspirant Path


Membership in The Church of Light is not required for this path because you will not be receiving initiation material and private award manuscripts. Simply purchase your course(s) on the “Study” page and start studying. Just click the Study link on the main menu..


  • Access to the most comprehensive present-day application of Hermetic philosophy from an organization whose mission is to teach you how to live more happily, successfully and spiritually in your daily life.
  • Quizzes are offered at the end of each chapter.
  • Final Exams for each course mark your progress. Final exam records are kept for a limited time but, beyond storing the results, we do not track your progress.
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement for each course you complete.
  • If you would like to receive our Quarterly publication (articles related to the material you will be studying) and notifications regarding other activities that might interest you, feel free to register at www.light.org. This does not require you to become a member.

How to get started: Simply go to the “Study” page from the main menu and purchase your first course!

Neophyte Path

Initiation Portal
Standing at the Door of Nature’s Mysteries:
Remember, then, child of earth, that the mind is enlightened in seeking God with the eyes of the will. God has said, “Let there be Light,” and light inundated space.
Humans should say, “Let truth show itself and good come to me.” And if they possess a healthy will, they will see the truth shine, and guided by it will attain all to which they aspire.

Membership benefits:

  • The Outline of Initiation – Part 1.
  • A certificate showing your new Grade and Degree of Membership for each course passed.
  • An Award Manuscript for each course passed. Award manuscripts are earned, not sold, and provide additional material on the occult mysteries and guidance in developing you inner spiritual and psychic nature.
  • Eligibility to participate in Initiation Ceremonies at CofL Biannual Conferences.
  • Opportunities to advance in the organizational structure.
  • Opportunities to teach, minister and mentor.
  • Email subscription to the Quarterly, our member publication.
  • As a member, you will be eligible for free domestic shipping on all orders.
  • Once you have passed all twenty-one courses, you will receive:

A Hermetician Degree and certificate.

The Outline of Initiation – Part 2.

An invitation to join the Order of the Sphinx, which offers additional opportunities to participate in advanced studies, research, and personal development.

Opportunity to teach, minister and and mentor other students.

Further opportunity to advance within the organization.

Because you will be receiving initiation material and private award manuscripts, membership in The Church of Light—the keeper of The Brotherhood of Light Lessons—is required. Membership is something to consider seriously because it requires pledging mental, spiritual, and financial support for the organization. You will be asked to make a New Member donation on the membership application.

How to get started:

  1. To become a member, click here to open a separate tab in your browser on the light.org website where you can complete and submit your application for membership. Or, if you prefer, go directly to the light.org website, click on “Membership” and then select “Membership Application.” After completing your application, be sure to switch back to this tab and go to Step (2) and purchase your first course.
  2. If you are already a CofL member, or have applied for membership, simply go to the “Study” page from the main menu and purchase your first course.

Note: Processing the application for membership can take several days. You will be notified by email of acceptance and afterwards receive a New Member Package. While you are waiting for acceptance into the organization, you may begin your studies by purchasing your course(s) of interest.

It is recommended that the Neophyte take the first three courses in order because they offer a good foundation for the rest of the material. After the first three, the courses can be taken in any order.

It is also recommended that you complete no more than one course a month. This allows the unconscious mind to process the new material including the award manuscript that you will receive after completing each course.



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