Down From Antiquity

Tradition postulates that advanced scientific knowledge was disseminated across 7 ancient centres of civilization from a single source.  The source of this information is disputed, but what remains is the remnants of an ancient stellar religion which can be found across all lands.

This scientific knowledge encompassed a broad system of understanding regarding the relationship between the soul (the nature and power of the subconscious mind), and the stars (the inner plane energies responsible for physical manifestation and the existence of realms beyond the living).

As this information engenders a fuller understanding of life, and culminates in a greater degree of control over ones destiny, it has been the target of inverse forces over the centuries seeking to suppress and pervert its power.

Efforts have been ever-present to preserve this information down through the ages.


Ancient Egypt

2,440 BC
Old Kingdom
7th Dynasty

In Egypt a secret vault was established by pre-dynastic settlers. The knowledge of this Chamber of Rolls known as the Library of Tahuti was reserved for initiates and embraced the records kept from antiquity.

The rulers of Egypt were always approached by the initiates and given such knowledge of the wisdom religion as they were willing to receive.  Tosortho, Snorfru, and Khufu went far along the path of true initiation, thus we see relics such as the Great Pyramid of Giza as a representation of the ancient stellar religion expressed in stone.

Yet the priesthood of the shadow had become so powerful that any opposition to their dominion would result in revolution and loss of throne. Thus in Egypt, in so far as religion and its material spoils were concerned, the priestly group, with their vast holdings of property, and ability to sway the multitude through bribery and superstition, were too powerful to unseat.

In and around the year 2440 BC, a group separated from the Theocracy of Egypt, and throughout all subsequent times, as a secret order, the name of which translated into English means, The Brotherhood of Light, has been perpetuated.

Pharaoh Akhenaten

The Heretic
1351–1334 BC
New Kingdom
18th Dynasty

There have been at all times those on earth who were familiar with the ancient spiritual wisdom. But the only time when the light shone full strength was in Egypt when the ancient stellar religion was adopted by the nation due to the efforts of our brother Akhenaten.

After the death of his father, at the age of 19, the young king renounced the name Amenhotep, with its implication of obedience of the Amen priesthood, orthodoxy, and spiritual darkness. He thus changed his name to Akhenaten, meaning Living in the Light. Having changing his name he commenced a vigorous campaign to establish the religion of Atenism (Light), and to eradicate the worship of the numerous gods and elementals of Amenism.

Recognizing the vast material resources of the Lower-Pluto forces, Akhenaten sailed down the river from Thebes to establish the City of the Horizon, Amarna. Here he took up residence amid the many who, perceiving his wisdom and spiritual greatness, had joined forces with him. Here he was successful for the first time in recorded history in suppressing corruption, dissipating ignorance, and spreading the ancient stellar religion throughout the land.


King Tutankhamen

1332 - 1323 BC
Old Kingdom
18th Dynasty

With so many powerful enemies, it is not to be wondered that Akhenaten died in his thirtieth year. He had established himself as the opponent of all the selfish, brutal, inversive, ruthless and cruel Lower-Pluto forces.

Shortly thereafter, his likely son, the Boy King Tutankhamen, was appointed pharaoh. The child, only 9 years of age, was swayed by his counsellors to revert the national worship back to Amenism. Their efforts were successful as King Tut reestablished their rule, and delivered the populace back into the power of these Lower-Pluto priests. As a result, polytheism soon flourished again, and the boy king mysteriously died upon reaching adulthood at the age of 19.

As Lord Carnarvon, Arthur Weigall, and 18 others met unusual and untimely deaths after the unearthing of King Tut’s tomb, they had come in direct contact with the curses placed by the Priests of the Shadow to protect the tomb of the one whom had restored them to power.

Ancient Greece

800 BC - 600 AD

The group remained secret throughout the ages despite its opposition from spiritual wickedness in high places.  It is to this school we are indebted for the foundation of every science upon which rests, and which alone makes possible, modern civilization.

The Greek philosophers, Thales, Pythagoras, Plato, Eudoxus, and a score of others famed for learning that might be mentioned received initiation directly at the hands of the Egyptian members of the fraternity.

At a later date this venerable order gave the impetus to learning in Alexandria, which made that city so justly famous. And it was one of The Brotherhood of Light, the noble Hypatia, who, after the decline of the colleges in that city, was the last to withstand the onslaughts of superstitious ignorance, and died endeavouring to spread the light of ancient wisdom.


The H. B. Of L.

Middle Ages - 20th Century
Western Civilization

It was the Brotherhood that preserved the taper of learning from complete extinction during the dark ages, and who was responsible for kindling with it the fires of science and philosophy in Europe, even in the face of ruthless persecution.

In later ages, to preserve this knowledge for posterity and at the same time to keep it from the hands of a fast degenerating priesthood, the masters of this ancient religion and science became a secret organization. No one was initiated into The Brotherhood of Light, thus formed, until they proved mental and moral fitness to receive such priceless wisdom.

The Brotherhood of Light not only has persisted as such on the inner planes, but the line of succession has been kept alive, although at times it became exceedingly thin, also on the physical plane.

C. C. Zain
& The Church of Light

Los Angeles, CA
Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918

In the spring of 1909, The Brotherhood of Light called upon Zain to become a successor of one of the council of three who conducted the affairs of the organization on the physical plane. They eventually convinced him to prepare a complete system of occult education by which the dawning Aquarian Age might become conversant with THE RELIGION OF THE STARS.

Work on developing The Brotherhood of Light lessons began March 21, 1914. In this work he had the cooperation of the older members of the organization on the physical plane, and received constant guidance and direction from Brotherhood of Light teachers on the inner planes.

Although the lessons were edited until his death, the final lesson on the 21 Courses of 210 lessons was completed Feb. 20, 1934.  As the World War was raging he was instructed not to open membership to the public at large until the war was over. The first public class, officially gathered under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light, was held on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918.


The Age of Aquarius

Online Organization
Now Open

With the dawning of the new internet technologies, the organization is now developing an online portal for the dissemination of the ancient stellar religion and to facilitate the growth of our global network of Hermeticians.

Every soul plays a vital part in the evolution of consciousness and Deity’s grand plan. The time is ripe for men and women everywhere to counter balance the ever increasing confusion arising from information overload currently taking place in the digital age.

If you are a noble soul,  one who demonstrates admirable thoughts, characteristics, and actions, please consider the significance of our literature, our history, and our purpose, as we invite you to join our ancient lineage.



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