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08 Horary Astrology


To Our Students:

This course was originally designed in the early 20th Century, a time when the mathematics and tools for erecting or calculating an astrological chart were so basic they were familiar to elementary school children. Because of this, chapters 7 and 8 reference what are likely to be unfamiliar mathematical techniques and concepts such as Tables of Houses, Ephemerides and Logarithm charts.

Since this course was designed by C. C. Zain in the early 20th century, the Aquarian Age—beginning in 1881—has rushed ahead with the development of sophisticated technology. Students now have access to electronic calculators, replacing the cumbersome tools and mathematics that were familiar to students until the 1970s. Beyond that, computer-generated chart programs render a higher degree of reliability and accuracy than hand-calculated charts that are vulnerable to human error.

When taking the Final Exam for this course, you are not expected to be responsible for producing any of the chart calculations referenced or discussed in this Course. The material remains in the course for reference.

Beyond the math, there is a great deal of experience and astrological observation that has gone into the development of the Hermetic System of Astrology. With it’s emphasis on “scientific” astrology, we think the Hermetic System offers a credible alternative to astrological systems that are used primarily as a psychic tool. An astrological chart used as a psychic tool can be useful to some. It can be unreliable and subject to the sensitivities of the user. We think the information contained in this course and the other six astrology courses offered in these 21 Courses form the foundation for greater proficiency and reliability for any student of astrology and will help them to establish a true North in their astrological practice.

As for our philosophy for future coursework—to be offered as addendums to the original 21 courses—we think it is important to create courses on how to hand-calculate charts for those who are inclined. Such coursework should be designed around the modern tools that are conveniently available to everyone. While we do not currently offer this course we will in the near future.

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